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Letters from My Grandmother – A Memory Marked in My Heart!

Letters - have you ever written one? Do you remember sitting on your couch, holding a pen in your one hand and a piece of paper in the other, all set to pen down your emotions to someone you really loved? I do. I remember writing and receiving letters from my grandmother and they are my best childhood memory. In the age of digital media where one is just a Whats App message away, I am sure some have almost forgotten that letters use to be the most powerful and beloved mode of communication at

Kangana Ranout Involves in another ugly brawl, this time with a journalist!

Either trouble follows her or she feels left out when it doesn’t, so, she follows trouble. Nevertheless, trouble is found wherever this girl is, WHY? Meet the not so new damsel in distress, also known as the controversy queen of Bollywood - Kangana Ranaut - all her problems start when a movie of hers is up for a release. She doesn’t really need an introduction anymore. She is one of Bollywood’s highest-paid actors, recipient of multiple prestigious awards, a fine actor, a beautiful lady and a

If You Have These 5 Traits, You Are Not Made for a Corporate System!

Okay, congratulations to you on that promotion or for securing a new job. It takes a real warrior to survive the Corporate battle. But, for those who are struggling to create a ground, have you ever wonder why that insidious, good for nothing ass of a person always outperforms you? Well, before you pick up the dice once again, ask yourself whether the Corporate Snakes & Ladder is really your game or not? To survive in Corporate, you need more than just talent and knowledge. Let's explore

Tanushree Dutta’s Loses First Battle – Who is Right and Who is Wrong?

Fault in our culture is more evident than ever before. Before you jump on to any conclusions, let me please make it clear that this blog is not about any culture in specific but about practices that we have begun to see as a culture while they are personal preferences or must I say faults? Let's dwell in this particular case. Tanushree Dutta in the wrong or Nana Patekar being guilty - whatever may come out after they have battled it out on every ground possible. Sexual harassment is a monster

#BalanceforBetter – Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day to all. What a great time to celebrate something as beautiful as womanhood. A day dedicated to women is something that would have sounded like a dream only a couple of decades ago but times are changing. Living in the age of Gen X and Gen Z, it is the best time to do what you like and be who you want to be. Women have had a long and exhausting journey where they had to fight for everything that should have been their birthright but their poise, their

Abhinandan – The Hero That Made India Proud!

Wing Commander Abhinandan Vathaman – One Indian united the entire nation and compelled the world power to laud his courage and lay the right pressure on Pakistan to do what’s right. His dignity, poise and valour while trapped in the claws of the most horrendous situation possible, astounded the world and melted the most insensitive hearts. They simply had to bow before the hero that made India proud. Our hero Abhnandan Varthaman made India proud. Such was the power of the simplicity and the

5 Fantastic Valentine’s Day Escape Plans for Singles!

The Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and as they say, love is in the air! The entire week prior to the big day is occupied by chocolate day, rose day, teddy day, this day or that day. But, the D-Day is always a dread for those perpetually singles looking for an escape on the Valentine’s Day. So, that ultimate hunk (unfortunately single) who always suggests great ideas when it comes to buying presents for your girl and that cute diva (hopelessly romantic and yet single) who always

7 Immunity Tricks Against Office Politics

The nation is gearing up for what happens with Priyanka Gandhi’s arrival on the Political battlegrounds. While some must be contemplating a lengthy homework digging all the dirt they can find on the lady (wonder as if there is much left to bring to the fore that could startle anyone any more), still one can be sure that the political goon gang is on the job. On the other hand, there’ll be a clan of political enthusiast looking for one loophole that can expose the present ruling party. But,

#MeToo is knocking Indian Doors with Elan!

Breaking News - #MeToo is finally floating in India. In fact, it is at its scorching peak right now. With so many celebrities coming out in the open to share the ordeal they experienced, India is bracing up for all those skeletons that are about to come out of the closet. But, what is #MeToo really? #MeToo is India’s adopted campaign (from the west) against sexual harassment. After shaking Hollywood with its shocking revelations, breaking images, sabotaging empires and taming some real

5 Super Exciting Facts to Be Proud of India This #IndependenceDay

Well, before I start talking about stuff that you might not agree with, let me just state that I am not really a fan of the system that we have, or rules, or laws or anything whatsoever and yet there are things that I take great pride in. This Independence Day, let's talk about things that still make this country worth living. I am not going to talk about our culture as I am not really a big fan of our culture either. On the contrary, I believe that we use our culture as a defence everytime

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