The Audiences Had a Complete Dose of Entertainment While Bollywood Played Clash of Clans!

The fiasco that took place after Kangana Ranaut’s appearance on famous Koffee with Karan needs no introduction. The world has witnessed how Kangana snubbed Karan on his own show. Karan being the host of the show, did not retaliate much during that particular episode, however, we all have enjoyed the circus that has kept us all entertained for months after the telecast of that infamous episode.

For those who are not yet aware of the buffoonery that was made of a serious issue, Kangana the acclaimed female actor accused Karan, one of the most admired and loved members of the film fraternity and the Indian film industry, of Nepotism. Karan, to everyone’s dismay, disregarded the issue saying that he doesn’t agree with her opinion, neither did he accept that nepotism is an integral part of Bollywood. No one knew that their discussion was going to turn into a national debate.

Soon the matter was blown out of proportions when the media started publishing stories claiming both the individuals were unbelievably annoyed with each other. While Karan and his clan took jibes on Kangana; the lady remained somewhat quiet on the issue except for when she felt compelled to speak.

In the middle of this child play, the real issue lost the relevance it could have had otherwise.

There are a couple of questions that remain unanswered.

Nepotism exists. Regardless of what one says or feels, the bottom line is that it exists and it exists in every field and sector of work. Can we pick just one stream of work and vouch that nepotism doesn’t exist there?

Why was she so vocal about this issue on Koffee with Karan? It is one show that is loved by the masses. People wait for the latest seasons of the show simply because it is downright entertaining. Celebrities open up on this show like anything and that is just because they have that ease and comfort level with Karan, who himself is a product of Nepotism (but he justified the opportunity that wasn’t just served on his platter; he earned it).

Kangana was aware of the fact that the exposure she will get on that podium is unmatched and she made the best use of that golden opportunity by voicing the hardships she faced on Koffee with Karan. Don’t get me wrong, she is a national award winner, she doesn’t need cheap stunts to gain popularity and yet, she chose to speak about a sensitive issue on a platform that epitomizes entertainment, amusement, buoyancy, and zest but certainly cannot do justice to a sensitive issue like Nepotism. Koffee with Karan is not ‘Satyamev Jayate’, then why raise serious issues on a non-serious dais where you have been invited for the simple reason that you are hit with the masses and that they want to see you and know more about you? If she really had grievances against Bollywood or star kids, she could simply stay away from that platform which is more like a ‘house party’ venue for star kids. They go there to have a gala time.

She is a star and possesses magnetism and allure. People would have paid the due attention that the issue deserves, had she picked the right place to voice it. She wasted a good cause, just because she wanted to give Karan the impression that she doesn’t care about who he is and what he is, she’d just say what she has on her mind. But saying the right thing, at the right place and the right time is indispensable if you earnestly want the issue to gain the right momentum.

Kangana keeps blowing the trumpet of her having things the hard way and yet surviving but things have been hard for Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Sushant Singh Rajput, Jacqueline Fernadez, Anushka Sharma and many more. What is so different about the struggles that she faced? When will she quit whining?

On top of everything, it baffles me that how Karan Johar could just brush off the topic of Nepotism and deny its existence. It does exist, period!

There is no denying that star kids have their first break easily but then they have to sail their boats themselves. They get a stupendous launch pad but keeping the audience gushing is their job because mommy and daddy cannot get the audience to love their kids.

Nepotism – a serious issue that could have been addressed gracefully on the right forum got ridiculed on Koffee with Karan and on many platforms since, including the prestigious IIFA awards, recently held in New York, just because two adults indulged in an immature argument and others joined this blind debate frivolously.

Whether Nepotism is critically aligned with Bollywood or it is just as insignificant as is the debacle -that has been going on between the so-called clans of Bollywood, the audiences have had the ultimate entertainment seeing these accomplished individuals fight like cats and mice.

Bhavika Batra

The girl next door, exploring life and always on an adventure. Care to share your experience? If yes, let's get together to resolve this enigma called LIFE!

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