About me


Oh no, not another blog, you must be thinking, right?

Well, to those who have stumbled upon my page, I would first like to thank you for reading. I cannot promise that what you will read here would be different or something that you have never read before, but I can promise that it will have some elements that will be intriguing.

So, Welcome to my page.

On my blog, you will get to read about a number of subjects such as vanity, lifestyle, products, travel, food and more.

Let me introduce myself first.

I am a wanderer who has spent some portion of her life in London. England is like a second home to me and makes me feel more aligned to myself when I am there. I call myself a wanderer because I cannot stop scrutinizing the insides of me to have a better familiarity with myself.

After a lot of scrutiny, I have figured one thing that I have a great passion for writing and that I want to pursue it religiously.

Recently I started working as content writer which gave me the confidence and also conviction that I could do it. The idea of starting a blog has always been on my mind but I reckon I wasn’t ready to expose myself to the callous opinions of the world. Regardless, one has to start one day, I guess if the urge is strong enough in you, it will find a way to expose itself and voila, I am starting my blog.

I’d be writing about anything and everything as I cannot be confined to any restrictions. The intent is to connect with at least some of you who end up being on my page.

Bhavika Batra