7 Immunity Tricks Against Office Politics

The nation is gearing up for what happens with Priyanka Gandhi’s arrival on the Political battlegrounds. While some must be contemplating a lengthy homework digging all the dirt they can find on the lady (wonder as if there is much left to bring to the fore that could startle anyone any more), still one can be sure that the political goon gang is on the job. On the other hand, there’ll be a clan of political enthusiast looking for one loophole that can expose the present ruling party. But, that’s not the only playground where politics is played with panache. If one must really see what politics really is and how dirty it can get, they must get a white-collar job. Believe it or not, office politics is the worst form of politics.

Corporate is the best joint to get the right taste of politics. Corporate – one big stinking dumping ground where innocent youth is turned into ugly diplomats. It is one place where they go through the advanced course in back-stabbing, bypassing, manipulating and victimizing.

But, there are tricks you can use to retain what you admire and attain what you aspire.

7 tricks that can help you survive the callous world of Office Politics

1. Zip Your Lips and Let Them Do the Talking

Tricks against Office Politics

Corporate is one enigmatic place where you land thinking you have found the way to a goldmine but that’s almost never the case unless you are one of those who like a good game of chess.

When in the office, observe more and speak less. Do your job in silence and let your work make all the noise. Once people know how good you are at your work, they will think twice before playing their political cricket with you.

2. No One Meaning Absolutely No One is a Friend

Don't indulge in Office Politics

Humans are social beings and we seek a comforting shoulder wherever we go. But, your office isn’t the place where you will find the comfort that you can rely on or trust. People may be cordial, they may even lend a listening ear but they never really listen, they knit stories to tell others. Speak to everyone but never tell them what you think about any specific colleague or senior. In case you get to know anything that can be harmful to business, do justified research and approach the right channels in your office to divulge that knowledge. The person sitting next to you may look like a friend but can you vouch for his intentions?

3. Your Boss is Never Your friend

Say No to Office Politics

You may have the most amazing boss possible. He may listen to you, praise you, seek your opinion and even protect you when needed but don’t take that to be friendship. You are lucky if your boss is not an Ass who always shouts and screams but that doesn’t make him your friend. Your equation may not always be the same and once it goes down the drain, you’d wonder if you said anything that he can use against you during appraisal. Let alone appraisal, you might end up saying something that your boss can use against you anytime.

4. Don’t Believe in Everything You Hear

Politics in Office

This one is indeed the golden rule. You may hear something that sounds authentic but think twice before disseminating the same as news. It could be a pure rumour or just gossip and when you tell someone something that isn’t true, you will certainly be ridiculed or even reprimanded for that.

5. Don’t Fight A Battle That Doesn’t Impact You

Office Politics is Bad

You may feel the urge to be a part of a fiasco or defend someone in an argument but is that really necessary? Do you really need to attract negative publicity? You will often find yourself in a situation where you may feel like screaming or showing someone what their real worth is but is that indispensable? Pick your battle wisely. Now, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t raise your voice against the wrong or lend a helping hand to someone who isn’t as strong as you. It simply means that choose the right battle to fight. Don’t just jump in because you can, involve if only you can make a positive change.

6. Don’t Join Any Groups

No Office Politics Please

In every office, there are groups and clans. Are you a part of one? Well, if you are, it is never going to help you grow. Never be an evident part of one group, have the right connections everywhere possible. Know the right people and be cordial to all. Don’t take sides and don’t have allegiance for people who don’t deserve your honestly. You know why? Because in an office, you can never tell who really deserves your loyalty and friendship. They are all playing their own game behind their colourful masks. Be mature enough to know what’s right for you and act accordingly.

7. Don’t Let Them Know You Hate Them


Are you one of those sensitive ones who take everything to heart? Are you one of those who speak their heart without thinking about the consequences of their words? Are you one of those who are as transparent as it gets? Well, if you are, surviving the corporate world is going to be tougher for you but not impossible. If you really want to come out a winner, don’t show your emotions easily. Make a mental note, keep your focus on your work and let the bad guy play his game. Your success will depend on the level of perseverance you have and not on the sharpness of your tongue which everyone knows can cut if used frivolously.

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