5 Super Exciting Facts to Be Proud of India This #IndependenceDay

Independence Day

Well, before I start talking about stuff that you might not agree with, let me just state that I am not really a fan of the system that we have, or rules, or laws or anything whatsoever and yet there are things that I take great pride in. This Independence Day, let’s talk about things that still make this country worth living.

I am not going to talk about our culture as I am not really a big fan of our culture either. On the contrary, I believe that we use our culture as a defence everytime we are on the verge of losing a debate.

So, what the hell am I on about? I am talking about facts that the world reckons with but we as Indians don’t really regard as much.

Voting Rights #IndependenceDay:

Independence Day

India is the first nation that gave equal voting rights to all, straight after the Independence. Everyone, including women, was allowed to vote since the very beginning. So, what? you must be thinking. If it doesn’t sound like a big deal to you, let me break this to you that even in America and England, women had to fight a great deal to get the right to voting. There is no denying that they are still way more liberal than us, nevertheless, it was a beginning that certainly has made a great impact. Imagine what the situation would have been like if we didn’t have equal rights? It could have been much worse and we would not have made the progress that we have made in a handful of decades since independence. And this definitely is something to be proud of this Independence Day.

Food Diaries #IndependenceDay:

Happy Independence Day

From being a nation that imported basic food grains, to becoming a nation that now exports a variety of food grains to all over the world, it is one great achievement that has not been given the credit that it deserves.  Not only we are self-sufficient but we are also earning through our food export.

Empty stomachs don’t win battles and we are a nation that had an insane number of challenges to overcome. Being self-sufficient in feeding its population is a breakthrough achievement for a nation that had been tarnished by conniving rulers for centuries.

Educational Climb #IndependenceDay:

Independence Day


Although, there is are major milestones to be crossed in terms of education, but, the out of school ratio of children has gone down by 90% which is an incredible achievement for a country that has been ripped apart by invaders twice and has been rampaged one too many times. Education is the only weapon a nation can give to its people to distinguish between black and white and to make progress that is coveted. The rate of education is on a climb where even the rural population is increasingly aware of the importance of education. Having a big population is a challenge for any nation but the way the message regarding the relevance of education has been disseminated is commendable as it has started showing the results that were expected.

The Maze of Amazing Infrastructure #IndependenceDay:

15th August

We are a country where people lived in shacks, used to cow dung to cook food and also to keep the mosquitos away. And now we have now become a nation where the architecture is blooming like anything. Our architects are being invited to countries that ruled us for years to build designs that not only amaze all but also win accolades and this is one achievement that we can take pride in this Independence Day.

The Sky Fell Short of our Flight with Mangalyan #IndependenceDay:

India Independence Day

I know that’s a bit of an overstatement but hey, I am super proud of our Mangalyan which is a high performing technology that works splendidly on low cost. We are the only nation to reach the land of  “Jadoo” [I mean space :)] in its first attempts, which not only put us on the worldmap but also earned us the status that we always deserved.

I am sure there are many like me who do not take pride in a country that has given us so much but hey, if you have felt bad every time India lost a cricket match or the world condemned us for horrendous rape stories or whenever anything unpleasant got global attention for all the wrong reasons, trust me, you love this country. Whether it is a bad place to be or good, it is home. This Independence Day, let’s decide to tell stories that make this country a beautiful place to be instead of discussing stuff that leaves a bad taste.

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