4 Things that Happened on Social Media While You Were Busy Playing Pokemon!

Snapchat Publisher is on its way


Now you’d be able to make full-screen video ads in 2 minutes or less and all you need to accomplish that is a web browser. Get the cool tool called ‘Snapchat Publisher’ and your full-screen ads will be ready to be published on the super popular portal.





The time is right for ‘Anytime’


WhatsApp will soon have a tough competition from ‘Anytime’, an app that according to the grapevine is being tested by Amazon currently. The app will be user-friendly and an all in one service through which the user will be able to share messages, GIFs, videos and more. You will also get some quaint filters that will keep you hooked to this new messaging app by Amazon.



Now record beyond just 10 seconds on SnapChat


Great news for those who converse with their friends on Snapchat. Now you can add more snaps to your sequence and even delete the ones you do not like, doing so would escalate the limit of your snap-videos to up to 60 seconds on SnapChat. The app will now be more helpful and useful for those who love imprinting and sharing their moments with friends.


Blocking content on Instagram


After YouTube and the giant called Facebook, now Instagram has launched a feature where you can block offensive or non-welcomed content on your page.

2017 is certainly proving to be the year for social media and its ardent admirers.

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