3 basic skills that will make you a pro at managing time!

Time Management

Snacking on that doughnut during the tea break, you are wondering why your boss is never happy with your work? Why deadlines give you nightmares? And why your partner is never happy, no matter what you do? This could be because of your poor organizational skills. Time Management is the skill that you need to develop to turn your fears into fierce.

Time is the most expensive possession we have. We all have time and yet we don’t. It is a commodity and a luxury at the same time. From meeting family to completing that presentation, to attending a work do, to taking your child to the school, one needs time for everything and thus, time is one resource that you cannot afford to waste.

But, some people struggle to live up to the expectations only because they are poor at managing their time. You need to start with developing three basic skills to manage your time better:

1. Think:

You probably manage a lot in a day including household chores and office work. Thus, it is crucial that you reflect on your day. Think of all that you need to do and how you would approach your work. Give a timeline to your work. Depending on the intensity of the work, you can pick the number of tasks you want to send off the door in a day. Doing so is easy, all you need is to give five minutes of your time every morning or maybe the night before, to ponder upon your responsibilities and to decide on a plan of action for the upcoming day.

Time Management

2. Segment Your Time:

Now that you know what you’d be doing in a day, you need to start segmenting. Start with picking the most important tasks of the day and contemplate carefully on how much time you’d need to accomplish those tasks. Then, start prioritising. Pick the urgent out of important and pay more attention to the tasks that need immediate attention and then leap to the important ones.

Time Management

3. Pondering instead of wondering:

You could be in a stressful job where you are always on your toes and you keep worrying about the moment when your boss will call you in to shout or to complain. Stop, relax, sit and breathe. Nothing is going to change, just because you are always worried about the ‘What-Ifs’. Take one task at hand at once, give your best to that one responsibility and move on to the next. You don’t need to beat yourself for not being able to do everything that you wanted to. There is always a tomorrow. All you will need is to be a little more focused and a little more devoted to your tasks the next day and you will be able to achieve whatever goals you set.

Time Management

A bit of laugh, a bit of positivity and a bit of discipline is all it takes to make a successful life. You can be a little strict with yourself but being harsh is never going to help. Stop punishing yourself at every mistake you make and reward yourself for each little thing that goes right. Imbibe an ‘I can do’ attitude towards everything you do and you’d observe within weeks that you are performing well at work, that your family is happy and that you are happier with yourself.

Bhavika Batra

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